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Oxygen cylinders are used in hospitals and even by patients suffering from lack of oxygen. There is no denying the fact that cylinders are still being used by hospitals and patients to meet their requirements even through oxygen concentrators are increasingly becoming more popular.  There are thousands of patients needing oxygen for long-term therapy.  Most

Living beings cannot live in the absence of oxygen as it is essential for sustaining life on the planet earth. In fact, we require oxygen for burning food to release energy and heat for doing our day to day tasks of life. It is important to breathe in adequate level of oxygen in order to

Oxygen is the most important element for living beings because it sustains life on the planet earth. It is said that 90 per cent of our biochemical and metabolic activities need oxygen. When we breathe, we take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Oxygen is taken from lungs through hemoglobin and travels to every

OXY99 oxygen can is the best option available for customers that are struggling with low oxygen level. A dip in oxygen level can lead to numerous health complications. It is a fact of life that adequate level of oxygen is needed for leading a normal perfect life.  Oxygen is required for oxidizing food in our

Use of medical gases is very important for hospitals and healthcare facilities. It is imperative that you know in detail about commonly used gases, understand their uses and must have skills to operate and maintain medical gas system. Knowing the machinery is necessary for the success of the machinery. There are so many medical gases

Although it sounds like cliché to say that life cannot exist without oxygen but it is a fact of life. Oxygen is an odorless, colorless, tasteless and a highly reactive gas. The non-metallic gas is valued for its oxidizing properties. The air we breathe is directed to the lungs where oxygen mixes with the red

It is a cliché to say that oxygen is mandatory for sustaining life on the planet earth but it is a fact. Oxygen strengthens immune system, promotes well-being and stimulates mental alertness. For oxygen deprived people, OXY99’s portable oxygen cans are ideal as they provide extra oxygen to the body for increasing the cellular activity.

Molecular oxygen is vital for cellular respiration in all aerobic organisms. It is an established fact that no life sustain on the planet earth without oxygen. The air we breathe reaches lungs from the oxygen enters red blood cells and travels down to every cell in the body, where it is oxidized releasing energy and

OXY99 is a cutting-edge pharmaceutical portable oxygen product introduced for the first time in India. The oxygen can of OXY99 is a perfect remedy for treating various respiratory disorders such as COPD, asthma, hypoxia, OHS, etc. Using the OXY99’s canned oxygen is simple as given below: Press trigger to spray short burst of oxygen into

OXY99 offers 99% pure oxygen cans for augmenting the supply of oxygen inside your body. Oxygen is vital for sustaining life as it is responsible for 80% of the metabolic energy produced in a human body. The more you exert the more energy you will use up. Obviously, you will require increased level of oxygen